To Resist Both Wind and Tide is four years old!
Read: ff-net | AO3.

What the hell? IT IS???
This was the first story I wrote on a bet. And thanks, Crumby! I didn’t even realize. Wow.


To Resist Both Wind and Tide is four years old!

Read: ff-net | AO3.

What the hell? IT IS???

This was the first story I wrote on a bet. And thanks, Crumby! I didn’t even realize. Wow.

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I found you via the Adorable Psycho series by Wepdiggy. The 405 gets plowed led straight to Fates and from there to Castle Inanity.

That is a crazy road, my friend. A crazy, messed up, about-to-be-blown-to-bits road. ;)

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So I found your blog through chuck fic, I kept seeing What Fates Impose everywhere when I looked for fic, but the word count scared me, I was not prepared to admit I liked the show that much. Until it was like, the only thing I hadn't really looked at so I did and I kicked myself for holding out.

Fates is freaking terrifying. Like I look at the word count and I’m still not sure how that happened. And it could’ve gone on for another 500k and there would have been plenty of story to tell. But you wouldn’t believe how much I hear this or something similar (on the other hand, I also get are chuck and sarah ever going to get together in this story i don’t wanna read it unless they do a lot, too). I’m glad you looked at it and found me, too! 

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andymcnope replied to your post “Protip: telling me you would’ve read my story if I had just done X…”

what is it about entitled readers as of lately? never seen it THIS bad

Alas, for me, it’s not so much a “lately” as it is an “always.” The lovely Jessica was my first taste of true entitlement in the Arrow fandom, whereas in the Chuck fandom, it’s pretty much a revolving door with a select few people. Most of the Chuck fandom is pretty great, admittedly; they’re very enthusiastic about their show, which is a good thing because nobody else is, including the network that produced it. But there are a few bad apples that generally tend to come from one place that I won’t name.

In addition, I’ve noticed that it’s a first fandom for a lot of people and they have no idea how to act around other fandom people, especially content creators.

My dumbass last night was a particular brand of special, though. I wrote a fic called What Fates Impose that stars a bunkerized character who has agoraphobia and emotional issues thanks to being away from human contact for two years, and that fandom tends to enjoy it when you power up Chuck and make him a hairy-chested he-man. I did the opposite. The “powerful” one in the story is actually Sarah. And man, some people are really threatened by that (masculinity is a fascinatingly fragile thing, apparently) and I get so many people that tell me when is Chuck going to grow a pair, which, lemme tell you, makes me think wonderful things about the human race and how they treat the mentally ill.

Maybe there’s something in the water, lately. I had one condescending jerk that I had to open both shotgun barrels on the other week, then The Lovely Jessica, and now this incredibly beautiful specimen of tolerance and taste.

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Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten a message that Chuck is a wimp in Fates message. Last I checked, it wasn’t 2011, right?

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1, 2 and 11 for the writing meme, please.

Answered the other two, so here you go:

11. Have you ever created alternate versions of your own stories? Are there any you are tempted to write?

Oh, this is a regular thing with me. If I have a giant WIP, it has three or four AUs that split off from the main plot. My big story What Fates Impose has at least six, one of which I actually wrote as a joke for a Halloween thing. I posted an alternate plot to Mrs. Cupid a couple weeks back that took it from wacky romcom to gladiator thriller. I can genre swap pretty much every single story I have in the works. The one I’m working on right now would do really well as a horror story.

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#12 =D

12. Do you sneak personal references into any of your stories? Would you care to share some examples?

FUNNY STORY! There are so many personal references in my stories that I can usually get away with because usually only my mom and my sister read my fic, depending on the fandom. So college stories? Completely safe. Except that Agnes, with whom I traveled to Europe last year, got really into Chuck and then she read Set, Spike, Dive! because it’s a cute fic and not half a million words long. And she spent that entire trip giving me crap for things I put in there, like something that had happened to us in college. I can’t remember specifically what it was. If I read the fic, I would definitely remember. Um…let’s see, I have definitely put things in my other stories. Chuck and Sarah’s first time hooking up in every single one of my Chuck AUs have all been in places I have been to on vacation, I gave Fates Sarah my fear of dolls and small faces, things my dad says regularly show up because Pa O’Scanlin is a brilliant, twisted genius. If I learn a new skill or do a lot of research on a subject, a joke about it is bound to show up in whatever I’m writing. I wrote Night at the City Museum from memory of visits there myself.

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Answered #5 already. I suppose I could answer from a different fandom if you prefer, but you gotta let me know which one.

1. Of all of the original characters you have written, do you have a favorite?

Digital Dave from What Fates Impose. I had a whole backstory for him. He shows up in various incantations in different universes. Other than that, I really love Violet Bartowski.

2. Is there a ship/show for whom/which you are interested in writing yet are intimidated to try?

My buddy Ayefah keeps trying to prompt me for Person of Interest, but I keep noping my way out of that one. And I find Community daunting as hell.

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is Ice Skating a definite thing or its just something you written down and if it happens in the story yay if not oh well.

Everything in that outline is the sainted truth. Maybe. I’m not sure. I’m not good at outlines. I had an outline of Fates that was a blatant lie. So…roll the dice, play the game, and try to keep your pants.

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FREA. HI. I've been a fan of yours since the beginning of your Charah fics. I can't wait for the update on Tuesday. I'm so happy you are writing Olicity fics. I looooved Pink Drinks. I hope you continue writing Charah and Olicity fics until I get sick of them (never).

OH heyyyyyyyy!

Oh my god, you’ve been with me since the beginning? There are so many things I feel like I should immediately apologize for, and about 50 of those things are that phase where I started rickrolling people before it was cool to do so again. Yeah, sorry about that (Spoiler: I’m really  not, I still find it hilarious as ever and tried to figure out if I could put it in this reply).

The update on Tuesday is going to be delayed a little while. I got wrapped up in Felicity and Oliver and this chapter of That Which is Greater got tricky logistically. I think I’ve figured it out, but threesomes with semi-famous actresses are hard Sophie keeps making things difficult for me.

Thanks for the ask!! Always neat to see when people hopped on this crazy train. :)

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Guys, I found Frank.

I love you.


Guys, I found Frank.

I love you.

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Next fic you write, she’ll be developing robo-rabbits.

"Felicity, I mean this in the best possible way." Sara kept her voice even and measured, the epitome of calm as she removed the Black Canary mask and stared at the mess on her apartment floor. Apparently her roommate hadn’t taken well to being laid up on the couch with a cold. "But what the hell have you done?"

"Sara! Hey, you’re back." Felicity flipped up her magnifying goggles and grinned. "Like ‘em?"

"I’m not sure?" She was more concerned about what they were, really. With so many accomplished fighters and people who loved causing pain in the simplest and most complex ways in the League, she’d learned to regard new things with a simple algebraic formula: can x hurt me and if so how much y power do I need to apply to kill it? And the row of little rectangular shaped things on the floor with the odd cybernetic legs and bean-shaped heads seemed like they wouldn’t take much ‘y power,’ but Sara had a really bad feeling about this. “What are they?”

"Roborabbits." Felicity said the word like it was obvious. "They’re to help you and Dig and Oliver out in the field. They jump really high and they have a poisonous dart that—"

"Okay," Sara said, striding across the apartment and snatching away Felicity’s screwdriver. "No more cold medicine for you."

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Hi! I was hoping you could answer my question about Fates. After Graham discovered and discontinued the project, the remaining candidates were sent to their respective locations. When Chuck was in his bunker in Siberia, he was working under Carver. In these few months (before Bryce and Sarah came), was he still being controlled by the phrases, or was he already back to complete awareness? Also, how/what made you come up with the idea of sleeper assasins? Thanks so much for everything you do! :D


Oh geez, I haven’t thought about this story in awhile. Here’s the timeline as I remember it (it’s been some time, so this could be wrong):

Chuck was being controlled by Carver via some light gassing and subliminal triggers through his tasks up until the point Bryce Larkin sent him the Intersect. Where he differs from the other Lincoln subjects is his control; Bryce and Sarah visiting him in 2005 broke the full Lincoln control over him. Not enough to override all of his programming, as he would have just left, but sufficient enough that Chuck was able to leave with Sarah when she came to collect him.

As for coming to complete awareness, he’ll probably never reach that, as they did some pretty trippy stuff to his brain. After all, he still couldn’t say any of his own phrases in Chapter 56.

And I’m sorry to say that sleeper assassins was the first thing I thought of when I saw Intersect 2.0. What is my brain even?

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