Tuesday Read Rec: Detectives, Adventurers and Girls Who Don’t Wait Around: The Paradox of Amelia J. Williams
Foreword to the 2012 edition of The Raggedy Man

Author: Lizbee

Rating: PG

Fandom:Doctor Who

Summary: Between her debut in 1938 and her death in 1993, Amelia Williams probably wrote over five hundred novels, short stories and articles.

Pairing: Rory/Amy

Why You Should Read It: I’m really having a hard time convincing everybody I’m not a Doctor Who fan with all of these recommendations, but this fic is pure brilliance. It’s done in the form of a book foreword, with scenes from (what my friend tells me are) various companions cut in, and it’s a great tie-in to the latest episode. Plus, it’s all about Amy. I like Amy. You should read it and admire the great book covers, sketches, and other things the author did.

Tuesday Read RecOnce and Future

Author: malteaser

Rating: Teen and up

Fandom: Captain America/Doctor Who/The Avengers

Summary: Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

Pairing: Rory/Amy, Steve/Peggy

Why You Should Read It: So I’m not a Doctor Who fan. I just speak the language well enough to get along with other nerds. My friend Ayefah calls this fandom osmosis, and it fits. I like to know what happens without having to actually watch the episodes (I stopped watching after Amy’s baby turned into plastic goo or whatever), which means I know what happened in Saturday’s episode. This fic was recommended on an LJ I follow, and I knew enough DW stuff to follow along, which is marvelous because the fic is wonderful. Peggy Carter and Time Lords. You cannot go wrong with Peggy Carter and Time Lords. Plus, Natasha makes an appearance and we all know about my weakness for the Black Widow, and Peggy Carter.

Sunday Read RecFour Times Chuck was a Hero by Being Nerdy

Author: dotfic

Rating: K+

Fandom: Chuck

Summary: Chuck saves the day four times in unexpected ways.

Pairing: Gen.

Why You Should Read It: I just came across this little gem, even though it’s from Yuletide 2008.  Four/five times fics are fun because they give snippets of situations, but this is one of the few that I’ve seen goes back to the earliest days: helping Ellie, meeting Morgan, one with Sarah and one with Casey.  It’s a nice, quick read that should put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. Charah if you squint.

Friday Read RecIOU

Author: Course Jester

Rating: T

Fandom: Chuck

Summary: Inspired by and a sequel to Wepdiggy’s excellent “Morgan vs. the Apology”, this is my second take on a Chuck/Sarah reconciliation. Since Sarah stood aside for Hannah, Chuck thinks that he owes the same courtesy with Shaw. But is that what she wants?

Pairing: Chuck/Sarah

Why You Should Read It: Well, first, it’s by Course Jester. There is nothing else that I need to say that…oh, you probably need more than that, you cynic. Fine. Course Jester is amazing and if you haven’t read through his entire catalogue, you’re missing out. He was a writer in the golden days of Chuck fandom (y’know, before Fates), and he has several beautiful one-shots and multiple-shots where it’s Chuck and Sarah learning their rhythm.  This is a great take on how to “fix” the disastrous S3.  You should take a minute, go enjoy it despite the fact that the word Shaw appears in the story. And when you’re done, you should read Wep’s story, too.

Wednesday Read Rec: Tea Time and Time Lords: A Primer

Author: blithers

Rating: PG

Fandom: Doctor Who, Community

Summary: The study group travels through time and space.

Why You Should Read It: This really just says it all. No, really. Here:

“And with that, I’m Troy…”

“…and I’m Abed…”

“…and I’m the Doctor… hello!”

“…and this has been Troy and Abed in the TAAARDIS!”

Monday Read RecOne Part Princess Leia, Two Parts Temintor

Author: pirateygoodness

Rating: M

Summary: After Christmas Eve, Sarah is still a girl. Obviously. But Chuck doesn’t feel like she’s just a girl, anymore.

Fandom: Chuck

Pairing: Chuck/Sarah

Why You Should Read It: Frea is recommending Chuck smut? Somebody should probably make sure mxpw hasn’t hacked her account. But this fic is a pretty good look at the fandom right after Chuck vs. the Santa Claus. You know, the episode that kinda should’ve changed everything and somehow didn’t? (omen much?) Wepdiggy recommended this to me ages ago, and I really liked it, so I thought I’d pass it on to everybody else.

Saturday Read RecCreative (Non)Fiction

Author: freneticfloetry

Rating: G

Summary: Abed writes what he knows. And some other stuff, which may or may not end well.

Fandom: Community

Pairing: Gen

Why You Should Read It: Abed writes fanfic. That’s really all you need to know. It’s Abed, unleashed on fanfic, and it is painfully true and just as painfully funny.

Thursday Read Rec: we were emergencies

Author: gyzym

Rating: Explicit

Fandom: Avengers

Summary: It’s not about being unmade; it’s about remaking, one aching step at a time.

Pairing: Clint/Natasha

Why You Should Read It: I cannot say enough good about this fanfiction.  I sped-read it the first time, just wanting to know more and more and when I reached the end, I had to sit and really think about what had happened. The best part was that it only got better on rereads.  This is one of the best twists I’ve seen on what Loki did not only to Clint, but to Natasha. It sends shivers up my spine, how good this fic is.  

Tuesday Read Rec: en pointe

Author: arabesque05

Rating: G

Fandom: Downton Abbey

Summary: “Edith has been Mary’s understudy for the last eight years, though it’s probably closer to the truth to say that Edith has been Mary’s understudy since the first day Edith put on her pointe shoes.” Modern day ballet AU.

Pairing: Sybil/Branson, Matthew/Mary

Why You Should Read It: We all know how I feel about AUs. They are my Kryptonite (well, witty banter is my Kryptonite. AUs are my…red Kryptonite? That’s a thing, right?). This is another great one from the Downton Abbey fandom. The prose is tight, and it’s a quick read, but definitely worth it. It’s amazing how universal some of the themes in the show are.

Sunday Read Rec: A Reasonable Facsimile

Author: CaffieneKitty

Rating: K+/PG

Fandom: Chuck

Summary: Because someone has to do it, and Morgan needs a job. Episode tag for the new season 4 premiere. Spoilers. GEN

Pairing: Gen.

Why You Should Read It: Okay, okay, I know, it’s Morgan Grimes and we all know I hate Morgan Grimes. BUT, hear me out. This fic is great. This fic is the way S4 SHOULD’VE handled the fake Buy More, in a way that would have been tongue in cheek and amusing and funny and PERFECT for Morgan instead of just letting it become the Bro Show like it did.  This would have given Morgan a good storyline without him impinging on Sarah and Chuck’s storyline all the time, gah. I’d completely forgotten this fic existed, but now I can safely say you should read it, as it’s the perfect use of Morgan Grimes showcasing his, uh, talents for retail.

Friday Read RecDear Wired Magazine

Author: seriousish

Rating: T

Fandom: TRON Legacy

SummaryI Never Thought This Would Happen To Me But… If people who work with computers have funny ideas about dating, imagine what someone who lives inside one would think. SamXQuorra

Why You Should Read It: What I took away from this story—Cosmo is bad for society. This is a great (finished) funny read. I haven’t read much in that fandom, but I was bored and curious one night, so I wandered over and this one had me in stitches.  It’s so funny I’ve even forgiven the fact that the dog (a Boston Terrier, natch) disappears halfway through the story. 

Tuesday Read RecTrying to Communicate

Author: Sam_Storyteller / Copperbadge

Rating: K/PG

Fandom: Torchwood

SummaryThere’s an alien in the Hub, and it’s trying to communicate. This borders perilously on crackfic.

Pairing: Gen

Why You Should Read It: Hey, it’s that time Torchwood got invaded by an lolcat (no, seriously, that’s what the fic is about). The good thing is you don’t even need to know much about Torchwood to read this fic, as I didn’t know anything at all and it still cracked me up.  Sam is a fantastic writer, and once you’re done with that story, you should meander through his archives or read him explaining comic books. Warning: put a splashguard on your keyboard if you’re drinking anything.

Thursday Read Rec: Give a Girl a Moment and She’ll Take You For All You’ve Got

Author: Tielan

Rating: Mature (for violence) (I’d call it PG-13, personally)

Summary: Coulson had once made the observation that Darcy Lewis’ ability to beg, bribe, or bully people into her plans was almost a superpower in and of itself. Considering she was walking down a tattered Tribeca street with four women she either barely knew or didn’t socialise with for drinks on a Friday night, Maria could well believe it.

Why You Should Read It: I’ve noticed that Maria Hill gets kind of a bad rap around the section for the Avengers, which makes no sense to me whatsoever.  She’s badass. Sure, she’s not out there jumping off buildings in NY in the final battle, but that’s because she’s busy doing her job. There is nothing sexier in a character than competence. And Tielan writes a fantastic Maria Hill—smart, sharp, competent, but with her own flaws and moral code and way of living. This fic explores the psyche of Maria through flashbacks and a, erm, probably typical night out on the town with the ladies. Plus, Tielan always gets Natasha right.  Take a few minutes out of your day and check this one out. The great news is that the author says there’s a sequel in the works. You have NO IDEA how excited I am for that.

(I’m kind of hoping to make this a series of tumblr posts, and I’ll be jumping between fandoms, just a head’s up)