This is pretty awesome! :) Be honest though, how much snickering did you do assigning Kate Bishop as a Bishop?

From the chat: 

mxpwYou picked her just so you could do that, didn’t you?
me: what, meeeeeeeee?

So, you tagged that last Olivia Dunham post with "the queen of my awesome chessboard of ladies." Do you actually have one of these mentally set up? Just one side or both sides? I'm really curious who you have assigned to each piece. :)

I DO INDEED. Long story semi-short: my friend mxpw and I joke about having awesome chessboards of awesome ladies, so we picked our lineups. Here is mine:

Sarah Manning
Cosima Niehaus
Rosa Diaz
Sameen Shaw
Lady Mary Crawley

Sara Lance
Felicity Smoak

Kate Bishop
Natasha Romanoff

Maria Hill
Lady Sif


Olivia Dunham

And here is mxpw's list:

Alison Hendrix
Dani Reese
Kate Beckett
Sydney Sage
Sydney Bristow
Kara Thrace

Carol Danvers
Miranda Lawson

Buffy Summers
Leslie Knope

Aeryn Sun

Steve Rogers

Sarah Walker

Fic Writers Meme: 8, 15, 38 :)

Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

“And you have a hankering to be on such familiar terms with me?”

“Woman, you have a way of saying the word ‘Stark’ like it is drenched in hemlock.”

The exasperation in Stark’s voice made her smile. “And you would prefer I call you Tony? I can make that sound equally distasteful, if you like.”

Historical fiction is my weakness, but I got to write bantery stuff between Natasha and Tony where they both held their own. So that was really fun to try and do. Some of the lines in that fic are wooden, but I still can’t help but be proud that I tackled that whole thing.

Answered 15 already!

Talk about a review that made your day.

I once got a review for Fates that ended with “what a story, bro!” Gosh, that review still makes me smile. What a story, bro.


Marvel ladies as figures in mythology:

Marvel ladies as the three Moirai (The Fates)

Jane (spinner): The astrophysicist who can lead the human race into the new world or leave it behind just as easily and spins the future of the human race. She can determine the fate of gods as easily as she can that of humans, a unique advantage over most. In mythology she assisted in creating the greek alphabet, leading the greeks into a new era of learning, as she will do when she connects Earth with the rest of the galaxy and realms with in Yggdrasil.

Betty (allotter): The woman who can hold lives in her hands. As one of the scientists that worked on Gamma Pulse that lead to the creation of the Hulk, her knowledge can determine the fate of people. And as one of the few who can appeal to Bruce’s human side when he is the Hulk, her control can save or end lives just as easily as she can change them. She can be cruel just as easy as she can be kind, though. She is good at the heart, and able to see clearer than most. 

Natasha (unturnable): The woman assassin who can cut the threat of life with a flick of her wrist, or rather, the small snip of her “abhorred” shears. She literally and physically hold the thread of life and chooses the manner of everyone’s death. She can be kind and swift in her justice or she can make it a long and painful affair. In her own words, “Killing people is easy. Making them suffer is an art.” There are many different names for her, but none of them will change her nature, or the fact that she is coming for the heads and hearts of everyone who was and ever will be. 

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hawkeye-hawkeye replied to your post:OMG, Thor as Chris “this is LITERALLY the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had” *throws it on the ground* “MORE!”. Tony as Donna. Takes Bucky robotic-arm shopping and is like “TREAT YOSELF”. Why doesn’t this exist. DARCY AS TOM.

Steve as Leslie then? I think those two characters would be bffs. Ooh Natasha as April. Clint as the loveable Andy. Ann, in this universe anyway, would probably be Sam. If Tom is Tony then Rhodey is Jean-Ralphio. Bruce as Ron.

YES. Steve as Leslie Knope, believing wholeheartedly in Pawnee and its citizens! Slowly making Bucky see why Pawnee is great! Loving Lil’ Sebastian. I’m feeling Nick Fury as Ron, though. Maybe Bruce as Jerry?


OMG I LOVE THIS. I feel like Nick Fury is a natural Ron: distrustful of the Government, won’t let even his friends know personal information like his birthday, stores money and guns in a secret basement and in a hole he personally dug in his backyard. 

And BRUCE AS LARRY is so brilliant - sometimes he “goes green” and it’s like he’s an elephant in the room, bumping stuff on the ground and breaking literally anything. Sometimes his pants. Damnit Bruce, stop destroying Harlem.

And then Nat and Clint save Lucky the Pizza Dog ("Animals should me rewarded for not being people. I hate people.") and decide to adopt him (he always ends up sleeping on Bucky’s bed in the end, and he pretends to hate it, but then lets his bedroom door open every night anyway).

I love everything about this I NEED TO READ FANFIC. ABOUT THIS AU. ASAP.

Psst - Jerry. Would also read this. ;) 

The Black Widow has never needed anyone watching her back, but she doesn’t mind so much when it’s her kick-ass girlfriend.

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Historical AU. ;)

Bwahahaha. Oh, Historical AU. This is officially the AU where, if I’ve written it, you know I love the idea because I am terribad at history. When given the chance to get out of my senior year history class in high school, I actually did a little jig. One of my closest friends is a historical preservationist and she thinks it’s hilarious how little I truly know about history (for example: don’t ask me anything about the American Civil War, you’ll only get embarrassed on my behalf). 

So. If I have written a historical AU (for example, pirates, pirates, detective noir, 1920s, WWI) you know that I had an idea that I loved so much that I decided to get over my insecurities and try for it. Would I ever write a historical romance or fiction novel? Probably not. It’s a lot of research and I get too distracted by shiny things and may not be able to balance everything when it “matters.” But I don’t know, I like that about fanfiction, that you’re able to spread your wings and try new things. Ooh, that rhymed. Go me. 

Historical AUs I would love to try: 

  • Regency romance, possibly for the 100 or Arrow (not Avengers because Natasha’s a hard one to fit into a regency timeperiod for me, but people have done so beautifully)
  • Another pirate story of some type, this time taking place near the Carolinas. Maria and Natasha as Mary Read and Anne Bonny types would be amazing.
  • WW2 fic, I think. Any fandom.